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Dual Investment - Double The Profit

With CoinStrat's Dual Investment feature, you can buy low, sell high, and get an extra guaranteed profit of up to 300% without the risk of losing your capital.

Benefits of Dual Investment:

  • Buy low or Sell high: Buy digital assets at low prices or sell digital assets at high prices
  • High Yield: Earn great passive income no matter which direction the market goes
  • Wide selection: Can choose from a variety of assets and set the desired target date and price
  • No transaction fees: No transaction fees are charged when the target is reached and when the "Buy Low" or "Sell High" orders are filled.


Savings account

Get up to 10.0% interest on savings with CoinStrat savings account. Interest is accrued every day and paid every 2 weeks. No hidden costs, no minimum balance required, no reason to wait.

Let's see how much you can get

$0.00USD interest per year


Crypto interest per year
$0.00Total USD Interest over 10 years

This calculator is indicated only for informational purposes and is not a guarantee of actual interest earned. Actual interest earned will be paid in cryptocurrency and will vary depending on the actual exchange rate applicable to crypto currency from time to time. The USD equivalent value of the interest earned will vary depending on the USD/cryptocurrency conversion rates applicable from time to time.


Borrow with preferential interest rate from only 0.0% per year

Say no more to cashing out your crypto. At CoinStrat, you can collateralize your crypto assets for a loan. That way you can still receive cash and keep your crypto while waiting for the price appreciation.

Let's see how much you can get


Collateral Needed

The recommended loan amount is $10,000 USD. Please note that loan specifications vary by jurisdiction. To find out more information about lending in your state or country, please contact our customer care.


Instant transaction. Various types of products. Low cost

With the Trading feature on CoinStrat, you can buy, sell and trade various types of cryptocurrencies at competitive prices and store them in one convenient place.

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Why CoinStrat?

We provide the best customer support and service along with top-notch safeguards to ensure peace of mind for your digital assets.


Competitve and transparent interest rate policy

We offer very attractive savings and lending interest rates for crypto assets, all costs are transparent to customers.


The safety of customers' assets is our top priority

Your funds are secured and insured by BitGo, one of the most famous custodial company in the crypto space. We are committed to building trust and transparency by implementing the best multi-layered security and compliance program to protect your assets.

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CoinStrat receives high ratings from big names in finance and blockchain

CoinStrat is supported by many large corporations and investment funds, aiming to become a leader in the field of crypto-backed loan.